Pilates and baby puke

I’m late, I’m driving in circles looking for a car spot and I can see Jack, my 10 month old, in the rear view mirror, face focused as he works his shoes off to keep himself busy. I just haven’t got used to the dimensions of the car just yet, so I actually need two spaces in a row to park and that is a rare thing in Paddington.

At that moment my unspoken prayer is answered, a car pulls away just outside the Pilates studio and I’m quietly confident as I get into position for a reverse park that could comfortably hold an aircraft carrier.

I am just about to open the door to the class when Jack decides to spew over both of us. I’m turning around, to head defeated back to the car, when a friend swoops in, helps clean us both up and convinces us to stay for the session.

It’s clear I still smell of vomit, my own gag reflex is being sorely tested, but I am greeted with smiles and I soon forget my predicament.

This particularly Pilates class employs a number of exercise devices to train you.   These machines, which I later learned were called the Reformer and the Cadillac Trapeze, on first impression look like instruments of torture, or perhaps medieval siege engines. However after some trepidation I find them fun and challenging to use.

Pilates Photo 1

Chelsea, our instructor, is patient and friendly and makes mothers and babies alike feel comfortable. Jack face-plants and is screaming at the top of his lungs, but Chelsea moves in quickly scoops him up and switches my exercise to one that allows me to hold Jack, and now he’s smiling up at me, his fall forgotten.

Pilates Photo 2

I enjoyed the class immensely, despite the inevitable soreness I’ll feel tomorrow. This class best suits mums with less mobile babies.

Here are the Inline Pilates Studio mum and bub class details:

  • When: Wednesdays at 9:30am and Thursdays at 1pm
  • Where: Level 1, 1A Victoria St Paddington NSW 2021
  • Cost: $175 for a 5 pack or $350 for a 10 pack

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