It’s all Greek to me!

Since having Jack, my criteria for what makes a great dining experience may have subtly changed. Whereas once I considered the sophistication of cooking, the décor, the ambience and general coolness of the venue, these days I’m looking for a place that offers high chairs and a 5:00pm sitting! Luckily, The Apollo in Potts Point ticks all the above boxes, old and new.

Appollo 1

The menu is designed to share and most of the signature dishes can be sampled in the “Full Greek” banquet menu at $55 per person.

We start with olives and taramasalata served with freshly made pita bread kept warm in a pizza box. An instant winner with Jack, the Mediterranean bread is quickly devoured and the empty pizza box keeps him busy while my husband and I enjoy the Saganaki cheese.

Apollo 5

Just as fascination with his piece of cardboard begins to wane, out comes the slow cooked lamb and roast potatoes. So tender, the meat falls off the bone, onto Jack’s plate and is promptly propelled onto the floor. I turn round to see my son hurling roasted morsels into the air and the couple next to us nervously re-position their chairs’ as Jack’s aim begins to improve. Then I see it in his eyes, my fear is realized, he isn’t hungry anymore, other than for wanton destruction. I had given him way too much bread!

Apollo 3

The restaurant is filling up now, the growing volume of noise echoes off the wooden floors and I sense this together with Jack’s rising frustration, (I have wrestled the last bit of lamb from his podgy but surprisingly strong grasp) is going to culminate in an ugly scene. I hastily make my exit, staff give me sympathetic smiles but a wide berth as I carry this ticking bomb out of range. My husband dutifully waits for the bill and our dessert in a doggy bag.

Despite our impromptu departure, we will certainly be back and I highly recommend the Apollo to all. Next time we’ll go earlier, ration his bread and we may just give the lamb a miss….

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