Tips for travel with troublesome tots

Can you really classify time away with a child under two as a ‘holiday’!?  In the last few months I’ve taken two holidays with my sixteen month old son.  As a working mum, I cherish my time with Jack, but I also need to unwind too.

Here are a few tips that helped me get the balance right:

1) Babysitters
Use them, whether you’re paying $4 per hour in a family-friendly Fiji resort or significantly more at an exclusive hotel, it’s worth it. We quickly realised that taking a toddler to dinner every night at Hayman Island was a mistake, for us, for other diners and for the staff who would have to clean Jack’s food from the floor (and walls) every evening.  We changed our approach and got Jack his dinner in the room and spent the extra $100 a night on a sitter. Totally worth it for him and for us!

Holiday Blog 1

2) Book an extra seat
Jack doesn’t want to sit on my lap and he let everyone on the plane know it…On the way back we had a seat between us and things were far more harmonious.
From now on, we’re buying him a ticket, wouldn’t you pay to avoid having an angry dwarf sit on you for hour after hour!?

3) Sun protection
I covered Jack in factor 50 and a short sleeve rash vest every day of the holiday.
By the second day, it was all too clear I’d been missing his forearms which were now tanned enough to resemble those of a Queensland trucker.  Hardly surprising he tans, given my husband is brown all year. Lesson learnt, apply full cover to avoid chiding of other mothers remarking on your son’s ‘’amazing tan lines’’.

Holiday Blog 2

4) Suite-up
Upgrade to a suite – pay for it, or ask for it, but get it! Such a difference having the separate room you can put his cot in, giving you license have some fun without disturbing the little guy.

You may have thought that all I’m prescribing with these ‘learnings’ is to throw money at the situation, and you’d be exactly right!  Understand that if you want a holiday in the true sense of the word, and find the balance that you need to enjoy this time with your child, it’s worth spending a little extra!

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