Fun Mummy?

My son Jack, at one and a half, is going through a phase of Daddy-worship which I find both inexplicable, my husband is hardly “worship” material, and annoying, given I’m the one who’s put in the parenting hard yards. To win back the affections of my child from his unwitting father, I’ve turned to a desperate path to be “Fun Mummy”!

Fun Mummy gives Jack lots of toys, lets him watch TV when he wants and teaches him that Daddy is only human after all and has multiple failings just like all other men….

Anyway, this strategy seems to have backfired. Rather than bring me closer to my son, my efforts seem to have had the opposite effect. The looks of love he once gave me when he was a baby, now seem to convey frustration coupled with pity….

In a last desperate effort to win my son over I took him to the Kings Cross Festival a few weeks ago. Things did not start well. Lured by the promise that Taronga Zoo were bringing a wide range of exciting animals for the children to stare at in wonderment, I was underwhelmed that the portable zoo consisted of a small, non-venomous snake, some really still lizards that looked very much like they were made of plastic, and I can’t be sure, but one display which I think was just shrubbery. Come on guys, is one Koala too much to ask for!!

Jack peered at each display case with a look of such mournful tedium I realized I was losing him and quickly raced towards the volunteers blowing bubbles, which my son dutifully popped.

After walking around for some time, and Jack asking me quite innocently “where Daddy?” I pushed on and found myself queuing in the Face painting line. After enduring the 40 minute queue, his expression, as he was shown the intricate lines of his star face in the mirror, was one of mild interest.Festival 2

Then it changed, his expression lighted up and he was laughing wildly and for a minute, I thought the 2hrs I’d spent trawling round, playing the exhausting role of “Fun Mummy” had been all worth it…….and then I realized, he was actually looking past the mirror, to his Dad who had decided to finally join us, and was walking through the crowds with an enormous balloon in his hand…….seriously, I give up!!

Festival 1

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