Winter essentials for stylish tots

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I love dressing my child in cute clothes, but there are so many stores selling kids wear, with new shops popping up on Instagram daily, so you can easily get overwhelmed by these ever increasing options.

Do you dress your child as a little adult in ripped jeans, or go the other way with cutie ‘kid fun’ clothes?

Well, I think it’s possible to find the right balance between.

For me, quality is the most important factor in choosing kid’s clothes. My 19-month-old, Jack, has at least 2 outfit changes per day, so it’s really important that they still look good after 20+ washing machine cycles.

Jack’s number one piece of clothing for winter are his Paxton and Co Jeans. They feature a skinny leg with an elastic waist and are made from a soft cotton/spandex blend. If only they made them for adults, the perfect stretchy-pants you could actually get away with in public! Jack finds them comfy, they are durable enough to withstand my washer/drier and are just $35, with a $5 flat shipping rate from this lovely little Australian business.

The Jeans are worn with a T-shirt from Dirty Harry Designs. Another small store, creating stylish T-shirts with cute, age-appropriate, captions e.g. ‘Bros before Bows’ for boys (and ‘Bows before Bros’ for girls). T-shirts are hard-wearing and the prints don’t rub off. They retail for $19.90 and shipping is cheap at $2.90. Warning! Do not put these printed tops in the dryer, I learnt the hard way….

For cold mornings, Jack wears possibly the cutest jacket that ever existed. It’s a Dino Hoodie by Kukukid made from cotton and polyester. It’s warm and adds a cute little-kid feel to your mini. It has its own special little spot on the clothes lines, reserved only for delicate items, expensive items or those that won’t survive the dryer. You can find this item stocked at

Finally, I finish off his winter staples with a pair of trusty Converse Chuck Taylors in black. Jack has owned them in every size from 0-6 so far. I call them trusty because they are pretty much indestructible! There is nothing these little shoes can’t handle. They’ve seen active duty in muddy puddles, ‘Peppa-pig style’ and have survived everything an imaginative toddler could throw at them. From the theatre of war, they go straight into the washing machine and come out shiny and new, as if from their original box! What’s even better, they come in adult sizes, so Jack and I can wear matching shoes! Twinning is winning!!

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