Friday Fun

Action 1

Now that I’m back at work, I only get every other Friday in the week off with my son Jack. It’s not enough and feel guilty every time I pack him off to childcare with his little backpack and his chewed up bunny.

That’s why, when my Friday with Jack come’s round, I want to make those days count, make them all about him. Instead of taking him to my gym for a mother and baby session, which he’s grown bored of, I decide to try “Action kids” in Bondi Junction.

We take the train in, rather than driving and parking in the shopping center. That would have made it irresponsibly easy for me to go on a shopping spree and pack the car full of nice things. That is not what I’m here for, I’m here for Jack.

As we enter the church where the event is held, I expect Jack to react as strongly as he did at his baptism service, think the horror movie, the Omen. This time round however, the place is littered with exciting toys, there are kids everywhere and the Wiggles are playing in the background, a modern day pied piper to keep the children entranced. Jack immediately floats off to make new friends and join in a game that involves kicking large bouncy balls in seemingly random directions.

Action kids blog 1

Action kids is all about combining music and movement, which are important learning tools for early development in children, and most importantly making sure the kids are having fun.

The class covered all the toddler classics – “the Wheels on the bus”, a thoughtful rendition of “Heads, shoulders knees and toes”, and the unforgettable “Open, shut them”.

Add a rather impressive bubble blowing device, a parachute, a selection of hats to dress up in, and instruments to play, and you have yourself a toddler experience that would be hard to beat for enjoyment.

Action blog

Jack enjoyed every minute, although he was so exhausted on our return home, he barely made it to the cot before taking a 3 hour nap – result!

Here’s all you need to know:
Cost: $15 per session (no bookings required)
Where: Bondi Junction, Alexandria and Balmain.
When: Check out their timetable as it’s almost every day

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