BGOTN (Best Gift Of The Night)

I am competitive, it’s an inherent part of me, and over the years as I got older, more measured in my actions, more mature in my thinking, I thought my competitive nature would fade, I’d become more balanced. Well, it hasn’t, and I didn’t.

One of my good friends was having a baby shower recently, and the moment I received the invitation I was consumed with the need and desire to get her the best present of all her guests. I then devoted a large proportion of my waking hours to investigation, which resulted in the following….



I chose a gorgeous padded 1m diameter play mat in grey with white crosses from Bambella Designs. It has 350 gram density wadding, making it comfy for my friend’s floor-boarded house. The mat’s modern design means it can easily be left on a baby nursery floor and pass as a cute floor mat, so less cleaning up! The mat costs a reasonable $69.

I matched it with a stylish, Scandinavian inspired play gym from Fox and a Wilder. This play gym brings a minimalistic touch to an otherwise busy nursery. My friend lives in Woollahra where space is at a premium. The fold away construction, ensures easy storage and transportation, making it perfect for apartment and small terrace living. The play gym costs $70.

Finally I accessorised the play gym with some cute play rings from Dove and Dovelet. These can easily be attached to your baby’s pram bar or suspended from your play gym. They retail at $15 each.

Reviewing my selections, a smug smile spread across my face as I imagined the joy on my friend’s face as she unwrapped one hit present after another, her expression in stark contrast to the bitter, jealous and resentful glances from the other guests, with their obvious and or tacky offerings. My smile faded quickly when I learned that there was a 4 week wait time on one piece and other items weren’t in stock. Not quite as organised as I needed to be!

In an act of desperation, I rang around various shops and begged and pleaded myself back into contention for BGOTN (Best Gift of The Night). I even managed to persuade the lovely owner of Fox and Wilder to drive an hour to hand deliver the play gym to my house on the morning of the party.

As I arrived at the party, I realised I hadn’t been the only one making an effort, my friend had used Party Palette to decorate her beautiful apartment and Simmone Logue was catering.















It seemed an eternity before we got to the gift opening. I’d had a few champagnes to settle my competition nerves and now it was game on! The first gift was a “dud” and I could see the disappointment on my friends face, that this clearly hadn’t hit the mark. I feigned excitement in the gift, along with the others and we moved on.

A number of gifts had me worried, some of the invitees had just thrown money at the problem and I sensed my friends head was clearly turned, even if the gift couldn’t be said to be “thoughtful”.

Finally, my present, and I get a very warm reception for the first gift opening which turns into what seemed at the time like a standing ovation. I had to use all my restraint not to start high-fiving those nearest me whilst whooping in delight.

Impossible for my friend to say at the time, or since, but she didn’t need to. It was clear to all who had won BGOTN!


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