Hot as Mustard


When buying clothes for my son I try and keep things simple and easy, and for this season I was thinking black and white. However, after a random mustard T-shirt purchase, followed up by a pair of shorts in the same hue, I started spiralling into a mustard addiction I haven’t been able to climb out of.

I’m not the only one feeling the Mustard Mania this season, because mustard is soooo hot right now, it’s fun, it’s bright and it makes people smile!

Here’s my pick of Must(ard)-Haves and yellows for the holiday season:

Thomas Pie Mustard Spots Short Sleeve Onesie from Monkeynmoo $39.95

mustard-12Thomas Pie Raglan Tee Monkeynmoo $39.95


Mustard T-shirt from Next Official $21 (set of 4)
and Mickey Rose Pineapple Pants from Hello Willow $32.95
Mad About Mini Specs Shorts from Small Supply Co $32.95

mustard-7Thomas Pie Harem Shorts with mustard leopards from Monkeynmoo

mustard-14Mustard Signature Cardigan from Beau Hudson $29.50 Beau Hudson

mustard-4Big Cat Back T-shirt in a light creamy yellow from Huxbaby $43.95

mustard-2Emu Christmas Card with the cutest mustard legs from Lovely Creations $20 (set of 6)

With four weeks to go before Christmas, it’s time to get serious with Mustard!

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