Fashion and entertainment have always been important ingredients of my happy life. When I became pregnant, I found options for the style-conscious mum to be limited. After Jack was born, I struggled to find clothes and activities that suited the lifestyle I wished for myself, and my baby, finding only an uninspired collection of ‘mumsy’ clothes and pursuits.

I wouldn’t settle for this and began a journey of discovery to find the missing world that must surely exist for a woman who refuses to give up her passions, just because she is a parent.

With cold precision I grew my network, accosted well-dressed mothers at the growing series of events and classes I went to with my baby boy, and interrogated anyone in my Mothers group I suspected was having fun….

I found what I was looking for. Now I want to share my insights with readers who wish to transition into motherhood stylishly.

Thanks for stopping by The Mama Edit!



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