The perfect gift for the Supermum

It’s always exciting when a good friend is about to give birth, and gives me the perfect excuse to indulge in gift hunting, my favorite pastime! The mum-to-be in question is very active, stylish and loves to travel. Aiding me in my quest to find the perfect present for her, is Renee, successful entrepreneur and…… Continue reading The perfect gift for the Supermum

The Second (Chance) Birthday

After the months of planning, coordination, excessive expenditure and precision timing that went into my son’s 1st birthday (it had felt like I’d organized my wedding, again!), I’ll be honest, I was looking for an easy win for his 2nd year. Working full time, I just didn’t have the capacity to create another masterpiece, I…… Continue reading The Second (Chance) Birthday

Tips for travel with troublesome tots

Can you really classify time away with a child under two as a ‘holiday’!?  In the last few months I’ve taken two holidays with my sixteen month old son.  As a working mum, I cherish my time with Jack, but I also need to unwind too. Here are a few tips that helped me get…… Continue reading Tips for travel with troublesome tots

Art Play at the MCA

It’s hump day! I wake up late and exhausted, after my husband’s snoring kept me awake (and increasingly angry) for several hours. My 10 month old, Jack is bored of his toys (he tells me this with exaggerated sighs) and I look around desperately for a magical item that will entertain him the entire day.…… Continue reading Art Play at the MCA